Training Your Horse To Do Amazing Things

Training Your Horse To Do Amazing Things by Tauqeer Hassan

Horses are tamed and taught different things since ages. Often you have seen in some documentaries or shows where different animals perform amazing things. Sea World is a place where animals are taught to do remarkable things. Along with different training sessions, animals are taught husbandry behavior, volunteering urine or milk samples or traveling in transport vehicles. Additional input is always required once the animals know their behavior. Stable environment reduces the chances of variables, so keep adding new input to keep things going.

It is always hard to work with horses. Horses are the kind of animals which require a proper team work and number of different variables to work on daily basis. A variable environment is required to work on horses. To work on horses, it is necessary that they are well responsive and obedient. Partnership, trust and focus between a rider and a horse are of great importance. To develop all these it is necessary to eradicate the balking and spooking, these behaviors can be disastrous at time.

Consistency and reliability are both important on behalf of horse and rider. You need to trust your horse and in return your horse trusts you. It important for every relationship to remove any sort of concerns or fear from it only that way you can trust your partner in an effective way. The horse training involves minimizing this fear factor between horse and the rider to build a strong trust able relationship.

Whatever your training plans are, the obedient and responsive attitude from your horse is always necessary. There are so many training tools or ways through which you can achieve this, but there are two very effective training tools available: reward reinforcement and removal reinforcement. Responsive and compliant behavior from a horse can be achieved by building a reinforcement history by using any of the above given method. Reward reinforcement is much used tool as it helps to attain the complex behaviors quite successfully.

To bring a drastic change in your horse’s attitude, it is important to include the reward reinforcement into your training plan. With the introduction of this approach you will see that, your horse will begin to feel comfortable working with you. Gradually starting from the feeding, you will notice that you presence will become a conditioned reinforce. With the passage of time you will see that the horses will begin to feel more and more comfortable in your presence and if someone wrongly fed them dinner, they willingly left that meal and come out to work. You will notice that yet they were hungry but still performed all the training sessions perfectly. That clearly shows that their association with you strengthen over time and that is the key to all the matters.

Every time you communicate or interact with your horse, it’s a new learning for him. During all the training session what your horse constantly leaning is what you will not allow and what he can get away with. One important point here is that every behavior of yours influences the behavior of your horse, so keep developing the trust.

Encouraging your horse for every positive move is a key of training. Don’t take your horse’s good mood for granted. Always let him realize that his particular mood or behavior is worth appreciating. It is better to interact with your horse all the time for positive response.

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