The 2024 International Livestock Congress will be held February 28-29, 2024 in Houston, Texas, during the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo!

ISEF unites world leaders to share invaluable insights on animal agriculture

ISEF unites world leaders to share invaluable insights on animal agriculture

About Us

Reaching a global audience for the mission of education in agriculture is an ambitious undertaking, but one the International Stockmen's Educational Foundation (ISEF) has successfully managed for more than a decade.

Through its programs and events, the ISEF has attracted world leaders in the beef industry and has developed one of the few forums that allow for the free flow of information between organizations and governments representing the entire supply chain.

These leaders have been able to share global opinions regarding such important issues as food safety, animal care, and management, consumer interest and concerns, as well as the education of future leaders.

Student Program

In an effort to enhance the educational experiences of college students and strengthen the leaders of tomorrow’s livestock and meat industry, the International Stockmen’s Educational Foundation awards fellowships each year for the International Livestock Congress (“ILC”) to senior-level undergraduates and graduate students attending accredited colleges or universities.

The ILC is a unique global event that brings leaders from the livestock and meat industry together to discuss issues of international importance that affect the future of animal agriculture.

Scholastic achievement, leadership experiences, and a professional reference are all part of the stringent qualifying requirements for this fellowship program.

For 2024, the ILC and the Student Fellowship Program will be conducted in-person during the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo in Houston, Texas.   More details of the 2024 ILC program will be provided to the selected applicants.